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DRAW Gallery's 'Gallery Beyond Walls' offers Contemporary Canadian Westcoast Art in an intimate setting celebrating the diversity and talent of local and regional artists.

Our Gallery & Shop, 'Gallery Beyond Walls' holds all the News, Shows and Art works over time. We invite you to visit, explore and discover - Online or onLocation. Call or email to enquire!


DRAW Gallery reviews artists work May through September.

An appointment may be made with the Gallery curator to discuss exhibiting.
An Artist Packet to be received before September 1st will be taken into consideration. Submissions received will be put into the next year’s round of reviews. Contact us if you wish to receive an Artist Packet to assist you with your submission.

The following materials should be included in your Packet:

  • A letter of introduction;
  • A set of slides or digitial images or jpegs or a website of current work;
  • A current resume listing education exhibition record, and collections;
  • An artist’s statement;
  • Any catalogues, review or articles on past exhibitions;
  • A self-addressed, stamped, return envelope to assist in the return of materials. If it is to be returned to an address outside of Canada a $25.00 money order or bank draft is required.

DRAW Gallery emphasizes an intimate presentation of quality works, diverse in subject matter, media and style by noteworthy Island and Westcoast Artists.

Our passion for the work we represent, and the outstanding service we provide for each Artist's following of collectors, curators, corporate art advisors, architectural interior designers and visual merchandisers sets DRAW Gallery apart from more commercial galleries.

Our curators work with emerging Artists to grow a vision towards developing an exhibit that reflects their spirit of creation to share with and delight their audience.


We are limitless in our abilities and resources when finding art for the client. With connections to all art galleries, museums, artists, brokers, and printing presses, we remain a Consultant working without a conflict of interest.

Regardless of a client's budget, we are committed to being service oriented. We will work with you, from concept, through selection, to final installation, ensuring that you find the artworks that meet your requirements and your budget.

You may wish to register for original, contemporary paintings, drawings, photography, and sculpture. Find artwork that you like, and with the help of friends and family, start collecting! We look forward to discussing and assisting with your future art needs.

In Residences...
Art creates a source of pride and a distinct identity of place. Art in a home completes a cohesive design and elevates aesthetics. Art promotes thoughtful discussion.

In a place of employment...
Art elevates a workspace. DRAW Gallery enhances corporate interiors with distinctive artwork selections and that benefits the customers as well as employees by projecting a polished image with a sophisticated market appeal. In a commerical and corporate setting, artwork brings employees into daily contact with visual stimuli and that is imperitive to creating harmonious workspaces and production flow. Art humanizes and individualizes the work environment.

In a public place...
Enquire about becoming a satellite venue for revolving exhibitions in your public space. An ongoing display behind your reception desk, in your cafe, or store. We will handle all set-up and sales. We look forward to working with you!

Corporate Gifts and Recognition
We can provide you with unique gifts for both important clients and valuable employees. Whether you are looking to award an employee with the company or you are having a conference where you want your employees and clients to walk away with something memorable, we can help! Select from our large collection, or to make the gift more personalized, we can incorporate any ideas or themes you may have and commission works from our catalogue of artists.


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If you are not ready to commit to a work of art, or simply enjoy occasional change, contact us to discuss your options.

Register for original, contemporary paintings, drawings, photography, and sculpture.

We help you find what inspires and delights you.


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Our curators work with emerging Artists to develop and grow a vision towards developing an exhibit that reflects their spirit of creation to share with and delight their audience.

From advice for Marketing Art, Art Workshops and personal Portfolio Consultations, we endeavour to assist the Artist in developing a professional approach to exhibiting their work.

ADVICE FOR MARKETING ART - Business Tips-- Lori McNee's fine art blog offers business tips for artists, along with advice from gallery owners, art business advisors, and online marketing experts. Topics range from creating a powerful artist's portfolio to guidelines for making your next commissioned art job a success.

Artist Résumé Guidelines -- The College Art Association provides guidelines for making an artist résumé to present to commercial galleries or to use in grant applications.

Creating Your Reputation -- Get your art noticed by exhibiting in art shows, sending out press releases about your art, and participating in charity auction events.

Shall I Frame my Pictures for Sale? -- How much perceived value does framing add to your art? Does the framing match your buyer's decor or help them visualize the work in their home or office?

Top 10 Reasons Why Galleries Reject Artists (It's not what you think) -- An inside view into the considerations galleries make when selecting an artist. Why your work may not be accepted, even if the gallery loves your work.

Price Your Art Realistically -- How to objectively evaluate the significance and quality of your art in order to price your art sensibly and consistently.

With our in-house DRAW Business Artists can receive current tax and accounting information to receive the most financial benefits from their work.


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DRAW Gallery represented artists continue to capture the attention of publications and electronic media.

Some including, Victoria’s Times-Colonist, Vancouver Sun, Preview Art Gallery Magazine, The Artist’s Magazine, International Artist and various online zines as Art Bureau, Sparks and Preview and an ever growing online and print media.

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