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"A photograph is neither taken nor seized by force. It offers itself up. It is the photo that takes you. One must not take photos." ......Henri Cartier-Bresson...

Gittan Klemetsrud

Dear Friends,

Celebrate this weekend June 1st & 2nd with Days with the Arts in Port Alberni and try to catch the Quadra Island Studio Tour for an exceptional Island experience!

Until Jun 29 DRAW Gallery presents FLOWERS & DREAMS, Spring to Summer Group Show - Featuring many of our exceptional amazing talent of local Artists - a delightful experience!

On Friday July 5th, we greet Cat Thom, Artist and Storyteller from 6-8pm with SPIRITS OF THE BACKYARD. Who are the spirits of your backyard? Cat Thom celebrates the life that makes up her own natural world with richly layered and colourful collages of birds, insects, flowers and other plants.   Spirits Of The Backyard explores the nature that many of us live most closely with. Our backyards are our closest gateways to the cycles of the natural world, from bird and insect migrations to the budding, blossoming, and fruiting of flowers, and they have many stories to tell. A smalltime urban farmer, she currently raises chickens, ducks, and bees in Victoria.

August features Tamas Zalatnai and Colleen Clancy PAPER and ANVIL; September we greet Amy Louise with OF NATURE and in December we celebrate LIVING PROOF, 2nd Annual Life Drawing Sketches Exhibit.

Mark your calendars for September 14 & 15th for the 1st Annual Alberni Valley Paint Out in conjunction with the International Plein Air Painters 11th Great Worldwide Paint Out and reception at The Starboard Grill. We hope for a big turnout for our 1st year and hope you will join us...Contact us if you would like to participate.

We welcome your visit and hope you come often to enjoy us Online or on Location. We hope you keep your creative spirit shining. All the best, Astrid.

Now Showing...

FLOWERS & DREAMS, Spring to Summer Group Show... thru Jun 29th.

"...To savour all the flowers in spring and then the warmth of summer where little dreams may go. Each individual life form is a unique and singular self. With the energy and courage to act on intuitive impulses we make them manifest as form in the waking world."

This Exhibit will join with the Alberni Valley 'Days with the Arts' June 1st and 2nd.


credits: Crystal Crossman, Frank Boas, Perrin Sparks

Coming in July...

Perrin Sparks, Bold Point

Spirits of the Backyard

We welcome CAT THOM, Artist and Storyteller on Friday July 5th 6-8 pm

In a small urban yard that she shares with her upstairs neighbours, Cat and her husband keep chickens, ducks, and bees, integrating them into a semi-domesticated ecosystem of native and food plants which flourish throughout the garden. Much of Cat's connection to the changing seasons and to the life of the natural world happens through her daily interactions with these plants and animals in this small landscape, and she has chosen to use their images in her paintings and collages.

Showing from July 5th to 27th, 2013

Most Art shown is available to purchase and we will ship locally and internationally. View detailed images and buying info on Location or Online. www.drawgallery.com or call 1-855-755-0566.

Cynthia Bonesky   Case Rae

Sketch by Jillian Mayne

Life Drawing

'Open Studio’ features live model figure drawing. Artists gather together to paint, sketch or sculpt from different live models. The models will provide a long pose, which will give participants time to complete their work.

'Open Studio’ takes place every Tuesday and Wednesday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. The drop-in fee to participate is $12.50. Artists can also pre-register for five sessions for a fee of $50. Space is limited, so call and book early.

Newly added is TEEN NIGHT every Monday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Everyone is welcome from beginners to seasoned artists. In-class drawing supplies available. Personal sketch books and pencils for drawing suggested.
Casey Rae   Gittan Klemtsrud   Cara Baldwin
Casey Rae

"My paintings are drawn from personal experience. Allegory, a hybrid folkloric urban style and bold vivid colors characterize my work. Subtly has no place in my paintings....."

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Gittan Klemetsrud

"Early in my life I turned to the motherhood of nature for my personal and spiritual growth. This relationship with the natural world has been and still is an important part of my life. I am drawn to places of mystery where I feel at peace with the power of our Mother, the Earth's spirit.

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Cara Baldwin

"Finding a new outlet for the artist within me was essential. I think continuous reinvention in the art world is reflective of today's times. Adaptation and awareness..."

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Cecil Dawson   Todd Robinson   Gwynne Hunt
Cecil Dawson

“I see my art as a way to preserve my traditional and cultural identity; art is the way to express my people’s history. Each piece tells a story...."

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Todd Robinson

"Having been born and raised on the West Coast has been a major influence on my style of artwork. I have always had a fascination with the coastlines and life of the Pacific Northwest & Alaska which is largely represented in my works. Through my artwork I try to portray the intense beauty of what we have along with a gentle reminder of what we can easily lose through ignorance & neglect."

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Gwynne Hunt

An Excerpt from Gwynne's book..."Written with all the hope and dreams of any sixteen year old. Verna would be 47 years old this year - she has been missing for 30 years. A Poem by Verna Bjerky:
What is love?
Is it cupid piercing your heart?
Or could it be a flower, sharing its beautiful scent?...."

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DRAW Gallery represents Westcoast Contemporary Canadian Art and offers Artists an opportunity to share ideas and present new works.

Come and meet our Artist-in-Residence, Astrid Johnston and view her works & the works at 'Gallery Beyond Walls' Online or on Location in a Gallery setting. Open Thur - Sat 12pm - 5pm

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