JULY 2013

Cat Thom

Dear Friends,

On Friday July 5th, we greet Cat Thom, Artist and Storyteller from 6 - 8pm with SPIRITS OF THE BACKYARD.

Who are the spirits of your backyard? Cat Thom celebrates the life that makes up her own natural world with richly layered and colourful collages of birds, insects, flowers and other plants. Spirits Of The Backyard explores the nature that many of us live most closely with. Our backyards are our closest gateways to the cycles of the natural world, from bird and insect migrations to the budding, blossoming, and fruiting of flowers, and they have many stories to tell. A small time urban farmer, she currently raises chickens, ducks, and bees in Victoria.

August features Tamas Zalatnai and Colleen Clancy with PAPER and ANVIL; September we greet Amy Louise with OF NATURE.

You are invited! to Port Alberni Art Rave 2013 at the Historic Train Station at Kingsway Crossing. August 16, 17 & 18th.

Mark your calendars for September 14 & 15th for the 1st Annual Alberni Valley Paint Out in conjunction with the International Plein Air Painters 11th Great Worldwide Paint Out and reception at the Starboard Grill.. We hope for a big turnout for our 1st year and hope you will join us...Contact us if you would like to participate.

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June 5th thru June 29th, 2013

Cat Thom is Featured Artist with Mixed Media Collages.

Cat has always communicated through objects. On one level they act as a kind of readymade brushtroke, its shape and colour predetermined. On another, they can express a huge range of associations and emotions.

Her current visual art work uses these things and their stories in quiet ways by combining bought or found objects with carefully created fields of colour and texture.

You are invited to meet & greet with Cat on Friday, June 5th from 6 - 8 pm.


Spirits of the Backyard Poster

Coming in August...

Paper and Anvil Poster

PAPER and ANVIL August 2nd to 30th, 2013

We welcome COLLEEN CLANCY and TAMAS ZALATNAI on Friday August 2nd 6-8 pm.

A love for art making and artistic inquiry informs the work of partners and long time collaborators Colleen Clancy and Tamas Zalatnai. Drawings, Sculpture and Jewellery inspired, in part, by images from Neptune Canada’s online observatory, off the west coast of Vancouver Island. Renderings in paper and cedar, silver, bronze, and gold.


Allan Wright   Gittan Klemtsrud   Cara Baldwin
Allan Wright

Watercolour has always been a natural medium for Wright. From super-saturated washes to dry-brush techniques, it expresses any mood or texure. He works on hand-made papers from all over the world.

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Cecil Dawson

"Each piece tells a story and is a way to teach the younger generations our history, like the masters taught me...."

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Perrin Sparks

"scenes painted 'en-plein-aire" (outside, in the sun, rain, wind, bugs-in-your-teeth reality!) around the Island. ..."

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Janet Veitch   Todd Robinson   Gwynne Hunt
Janet Veitch

"Playing with fabric, that's the way it can begin. Combining fabric into scenes, preferably scenes with a wry or unexpected element. Sometimes no scene emerges and then the piece becomes abstract seemingly all on its own. The shapes and colours play against each other...."

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Paul Bishop

Each intense laser print is originally composed and created using the copier as a personal instrument for creation...

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Jim Swift

"The art of photography is about seeing. Photographer Dorothea Lange said that we carry cameras to help us to learn how to see without a camera. Photographers learn how to look – really look - at familiar things and see them in a different light...."
What is love?
Is it cupid piercing your heart?
Or could it be a flower, sharing its beautiful scent?...."

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